Frequently Asked Questions

Your Home Inspection

  • Where and what does the inspection look for?
  • How long does an inspection take?
  • Who can attend the inspection?
  • What about Covid-19 concerns?
  • What kind of report do you provide?
  • What is your fee and what do I get?

Water runs downhill. Water in the wrong place is the enemy of homes. The number one challenge is keeping moisture where it needs to be, not inside the structure and walls. For this reason, the inspection begins with the roof and exterior. I start by taking in a big picture view of the building and how the surrounding property may affect the structure. Then I get up close, looking from the top down. I get on the roof looking up close for damage and wear, paying special attention to known trouble spots such as flashing and any protrusion through the roofing material.

Working my way down the house I inspect the eaves, fascia, water management system, windows, doors, patios, under decks, walkway, landscaping and foundation.Then we head indoors and take a close look at the major systems of the home such as the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. All accessible areas are inspected and when possible entered, including the attic and crawl spaces, on the hunt for signs of trouble, present or past. I test plumbing fixtures looking for leaks, poor connections and potential problems. Electrical outlets and panels are inspected and tested, and we look for old or abandoned wiring and check for adequate insulation throughout. I use specialized tools, including digital moisture meter and infrared camera imaging, to thoroughly investigate suspect areas. Here is a sample report so you can see the style and some of the details provided: Sample Report

Home inspections usually require 2½ to 4½ hours to complete depending on the size and age of the home. I take the time to ensure a comprehensive and detailed inspection is performed regardless of the size, age or condition. A full report is then delivered within 24 hours (often within 4 hours) of the inspection. This easy to read, industry leading report includes detailed pictures (and videos when needed) that make it clear what I have found and presenting to you. All findings are categorized so you can easily see what you need to in order to make major decisions during a purchasing process, prioritization during repair projects and continued ownership maintenance. Here is a sample report so you can see the style and some of the details provided: Sample Report

I encourage the client to attend the inspection and if they wish, join me as I perform the inspection. During this time I will point out findings along the way, but as important, I will provide instructions for using and maintaining equipment that the client may not be familiar with, provide home ownership tips and generally maximize the inspection value to the client. My inspections are not compromised but rather enhanced by including the client during the inspection.

In addition I am always available to review the completed report via Zoom if more discussion, advice or questions are desired. I will always provide the report to you quickly and often within 4 hours after the inspection. Here is a sample report so you can see the style and some of the details provided: Sample Report


You may choose to stay isolated from the event due to COVID concerns. In this case I will go through your report step by step over the phone, via video conference or at a separate meeting of your choice.

During the inspection, all PPE precautions are taken including masks, distancing and hand sanitation.

A quality,  detailed and comprehensive report is produced as a result of the inspection and, in addition to categorized observations, includes maintenance information, tips and check lists. During and/or after the inspection personable discussions are geared to assist the home owner in being informed about the house they own, or are considering owning.

Your inspection will be completely documented with photos, videos, sketches, descriptions, limitations and recommendations. This report will be available within 24 hours or less, emailed to you to view online, download and print. The report is best viewed online and is available for 7 years, however it can be downloaded to pdf format and save onto your device at any time during the 7 years.

I am available for discussion about the content of the report to provide guidance and/or advice as requested for as long as you are considering purchasing the home and/or for as long as you own the home

Here is a sample report so you can see the style and some of the details provided: Sample Report

  • Fees vary based on the size (sq. ft) and age of the home.
    • Most home start at $425 +hst
    • A townhouse/condo starts at $385 +hst
    • A mobile home starts at $355 +hst
    • Get a no-commitment quote for your property online, click here
  • Inspection on site usually lasting 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours
  • Moisture meter testing as required
  • Infrared imaging as required
  • Operational examination of Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical systems.
  • Performance inspection of Structural, Roofing, Interior and Exterior
  • My full attention is to you, my client. I am not influenced by any other factor, individual, business or financial motivation.
  • Full report within 24 hours (target time is 4 hours after inspection completes)
  • I will always be available to answer your inspection related questions for as long as you are considering buying the home and/or own the home
  • Here is a sample report so you can see the style and some of the details provided: Sample Report